Prevent downtime by focusing on testing

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Together with your development team, we test your software so that it actually does what it’s supposed to do.

To ensure the usability of your application, it needs to be continuously tested. This cannot be sustained manually, unless you are okay with your IT department having more testers than developers.


Test automation leads to


  • Cost savings
  • Infinite support for your development team.
  • Continuous feedback reports as an asset for optimization.
  • Accelerating your responsiveness to defects or failures.
  • Preventing big bang moments when publishing software.
  • Minimizing the risk of downtime.

The mission of test automation?

To support teams to deliver continuous qualitative software. – Wim Vervust


  • First-time right principle so you don’t lose competitive advantage.
  • Putting the end users of the application first
  • Applying a critical eye during the development process

Where do we make the difference?

We approach the design of our tests from a functional point of view. We look at operations and set up specific cases. For every project, we always consider whether automation is the way to go.


For development teams already using testing, we are there to audit and challenge. We look at the entire testing process and make recommendations. By using additional testers, the guarantee of a smooth development and go-live is increased. Because if you as a developer or functional profile know what you are testing, you are automatically biased.


We don’t just test the functional, we test for possible interdependencies, integrations and relationships. So, we don’t just test specific pieces of code, but look from a helicopter view to see if the whole thing continues to work.

Author: Wim Vervust

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