Common misconceptions about cloud technology: 5 myths debunked

Cloud technologies offer endless possibilities and a lot of advantages. A growing number of companies are embracing the transition, yet there are still many misconceptions that stop companies from switching to the Cloud. Unjustified, in our opinion. In this blog, we debunk five of the most common myths about cloud technology.

Myth 1 – The cloud is too expensive 

When you compare the initial price of a cloud solution to the cost of a data center, you will indeed pay more for the cloud. But remember that time is money. When you factor in the total cost of ownership, you’ll discover that at the end of the day, the cloud turns out to be more cost effective than an on-premises solution. In addition, the cloud also gives you more visibility into your end-to-end. This transparency helps you optimise your solution and cut costs. In addition, it is very complex to find out the true cost of your on-site solution.

Myth 2 – The cloud is less secure

The best-known Cloud platform providers have very high-profile customers, so having security issues is an absolute no-go for them. Well, we’ve got good news for you because, every single customer benefits from these strict security mechanisms. 

Of course, your own company also has an important role to play in this. Security and compliance are a shared responsibility between the platform provider and your organisation.

Myth 3 – I have to expose all my data to a cloud platform provider

Privacy and control over your data is important, which is why we offer solutions that allow you to configure access control permissions for all the services you develop or deploy in a Cloud environment. This way, you can relax when it comes to the encryption and recording of your data.

Myth 4 – I will be tied to my cloud vendor

Partnering with a (new) vendor requires a big commitment, but it also offers enormous agility in services and solutions. It’s also a lot easier to move data from one Cloud to another than when you have to do the same between legacy systems.

Myth 5 – Many IT jobs are disappearing due to the cloud

Quite the contrary! Cloud technologies cause IT professionals to thrive. When businesses move from on-premises services to the cloud, IT administrators won’t necessarily lose their jobs. Instead, they can evolve and take on other valuable roles as an advisor and facilitator of technical solutions.


Cloud computing is growing at a phenomenal rate, by as much as 17% per year, and the industry is expected to reach 800 billion by 2025. Because of this, the need for skilled IT professionals will only rise.

Auteur: Cloudar