What is a good timing to upgrade your Content Management System?

As your business grows, your interaction with your target audience changes as they have higher and different expectations. That’s probably the moment where you realize that your business and marketing goals are no longer fully aligned with your current Content Management System.

Time to upgrade your Content Management System (CMS)! In this blog you will discover when it’s time to update your CMS and why it’s so important. This way you can be sure to find a system that gives your marketeers complete freedom and saves time for your IT staff.

Your website has performance problems

This may sound familiar: your website has so many visitors that it’s loading too slow. Not great for the user experience and the image of your website. It’s even worse when your website is down. Downtime means you are missing out on revenues, and you certainly don’t want that. Also, your IT colleagues have to do everything they can to get your site up and running again. 

The marketing team can’t release content fast enough 

When the marketing team has to rely on IT to release content, it may become difficult to react quickly to the latest trends. Customers expect brands to be responsive to their needs at the right time and place.  For example, there are some brands that didn’t react quickly enough to the COVID-19 pandemic causing them to put out irrelevant messages for weeks. This sometimes led to rather uncomfortable situations.  But even aside from such extraordinary times, the market is dynamic and your publishing speed is very important.

You struggle with delivering the right content to the audience

Your content only makes the right impact when you show it to the right audience at the right time. The impact of your timing and targeting is enormous here. Personalizing your content is super important. Mid-sized companies don’t always have the tools to do this. This can cause you to miss out on a lot of revenues. By creating relevant content, you can improve your conversion rate by 2, 5 or even 10 percent. This in turn has a positive impact on your business results. Win-win!

The IT team is overloaded with maintenance and security tasks

Most developers would rather work on innovative solutions for business challenges such as publishing no content updates, building and testing custom features for marketing and preparing for CMS version upgrades. If your developers are doing too many low-level tasks, it’s recommended to rethink this.

Your CMS can’t support all the channels you need to use to reach customers

Often different teams are responsible for different channels and there is insufficient syncing in between. For example, marketing may be responsible for web and IT may be responsible for mobile. If the content on these channels isn’t consistent, customers won’t get the best possible experience. And if the different teams don’t work together smoothly, content creation and publishing will be inefficient. When other channels are added such as social channels, digital in-store signage or iOT apps, it gets even more complicated. Consistency is key!

Author: iDA

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