Amazon Web Services (AWS)

During the past years, Xplore Group has proven to be a group of highly skilled and innovative engineers. As AWS Advanced Partner, we have also proven our skills in Cloud Computing. By combining AWS services with our basis in specific domains like Front- and Back-end development, Test automation, DevOps, Big Data and Machine Leaning, we are able to support our customers even better. AWS gives us the possibility to develop new applications faster with quality and confidence.

Next to extending our skills and knowledge to the Cloud, we also see new Cloud Native movements like microservice development using Containers and Serverless cloud technologies. These movements, driven by the necessity of business agility, the growth of consumer driven development and smart products might very well disrupt both software development of the future as well as the business of our customers.


Focus on creating business value

Let AWS do the heavy lifting of server management and focus on creating your differentiating factor.


Improve your agility

By building serverless micro services, you can create loosely coupled architectures. Using the combination of loose coupling and the available services on AWS, you can make your applications as agile as your business and market are.


Go from zero to amazon scale

By following the serverless best practices you can create an architecture that Scales by Design. This way you can scale the same application from zero to millions of requests.

Our expertise

At Xplore Group we have been building serverless platforms and applications since 2015. Since then, we have been using this serverless approach at companies ranging from start ups like Epilog (link) to enterprise companies like Philips. Giving them the scalability, compliance and time to market while making sure AWS does the heavy lifting for them.


In 2015 we gave Xplore group the challenge to come up with a new approach to handle our product publications. From a previous project we learnt that the current method had its limitations in scalability and performance. The solution direction we’ve received not only opened up a new cloud services world for us but also taught us that we can realize quick results with small dedicated teams. ~ Philips


Being one of the first to adopt this approach, we currently have build a highly skilled team of developers and architects that can help you with your serverless journey on AWS. We provide this help by sharing our experience through workshops and consultancy, creating your personal roadmap towards serverless or by giving you the complete Xplore Group experience in which we combine your business experience and our technical skills to deliver the complete project, with quality and confidence, from idea to your customers.

AWS Serverless Services


AWS Lambda is the most popular serverless compute on AWS. Using Lambda, you can run your business logic at any scale without having to manage the servers.
At Xplore Group, we have been using Lambda to create applications that need near-realtime stream- and event-based processing. But also backend application for mobile, web and IoT applications.

AWS API Gateway is in combination with Lambda the easiest way to create serverless RESTful APIs on AWS. At Xplore Group, we have been using the scalability, security and caching options of API Gateway to create serverless backend application for mobile and web applications.

Big Data & Machine Learning

Go from reactive to pro-active

Tackle your problems before they happen. Use AWS ML services to build scalable and cost efficient pipelines to predict the most likely outcome in the near future.


Make Machine Learning accessible

AWS puts machine learning in the hands of every developer, giving our data engineers the same power as our data scientists to create fast and lean Machine Learning solutions for standardized use cases.


Boost operations and reduce costs

Use AI-Ops to predict your workloads, scale your resources using only the resources you need and reduce infrastructure costs.

Our expertise

At Xplore Group, we are guiding organisations in their quest to gain value from their data. With our Big Data competences, we support large companies, like Telenet and VDAB, in divers industries in setting up and maintaining a data-driven culture. At Xplore Group, we always co-create with our customers, using our expertise to try and discover the low-hanging fruits in their business, creating more value with less effort. We also build intelligent and tailormade Machine Learning algorithms to help our customers solve these specific business problems. We’ve combined these set of skills with the power of AWS by using AWS ML and AI services to produce highly performant and state-of-the art solutions for our customers.

AWS Big Data & Machine Learning Services


With Amazon Sagemaker, we can quickly build, train and deploy models avoiding the complexity that gets in the way of implementing Machine Learning across use cases and industries.

With the AWS pre-trained AI services, we can easily implement common cases like recommendations, forecasting, image processing, text analysis, … directly in your applications.
Using the AWS Deep Learning AMI’s, we destroy the time consuming and cumbersome aspect of working with Deep Learning. The AMI’s support all the popular frameworks like TensorFlow, PyTorch, Keras, … enabling us to quickly deploy and run any of these frameworks and tools at scale.

Author: Stef Ceyssens & Michael Willemse, Cloudway

Author: Ben Vermeersch & Robin Pauwels, Infofarm